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Laura's work experience.

I worked as a peripatetic Collections Assistant to the independent, voluntary and local parish run

museums of Dorset and Staffordshire from 2005 - 08. This introduced me to a wide variety of governance structures and collections, and developed my problem solving skills in the museum context. I went on to become a curatorial advisor and later mentor to the Claymills Victorian Pumping Station in Burton-upon-Trent.

Through my current networks I often provide free, informal advice to different organisations on a wide variety of issues including governance, fundraising, informal learning and the portable antiquities scheme.

Working within the small independent museums of Dorset and Staffordshire prepared me for a 10 year role as trustee and later project manager to the Uttoxeter Heritage Trust. These experiences, and subsequent involvement in a wide variety of organisations in the charitable sector has given me a deep appreciation of the challenges they face but also the importance they have in our communities. They are often the only access to collections care, local history sources and cultural engagement that these communities have but their lack of capacity means they need all the support any of us can offer.

Corfe Castle
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